Purchase FAQ

I live outside the USA. Can I buy a badge through the website?

Yes, the GrowTix web page works for anyone. If you have any issues or concerns,  email us with the subject line “Badge Purchase” about your issue to RegistrationDept@The Hellmouth.com and we’ll contact you. 

Badge Purchase (USA and International) Policy

Fandom Charities accepts Visa, American Express, and MasterCard only. We cannot accept PayPal or any other online payment systems.

Do not buy badges from street traders and unauthorized agencies. Badges are security printed and are personal to the badge holder only. Any attempt to transfer or resell badges will lead to automatic refusal at the entrance. Beware of forgeries.

Child Badge Policy

We are proud to offer one of the most generous child badge policies in the industry. Children (age 10 and under) are free with a paying adult! You may register up to two children per paid adult attendee. Children must be present to be registered for a badge and adults will be required to provide emergency contact information for any child registrant. Please contact RegistrationDept@TheHellmouth.org for more information.


Every badge holder will be required to present a valid photo ID when they arrive. Security checks may be made at other locations within the Hilton LAX Hotel. If you are not the person whose name is printed on the badge you will be denied entry and your badge may be revoked. Please make sure that the name on your badge matches your photo ID.

What is the refund policy?

Unfortunately, there isn’t one. We can’t offer refunds.

Why can’t you offer refunds?

Fan-run conventions like ours budget our expenses every year based on convention pre-registration. When you register for the convention, the funds you provide are allocated immediately. It goes to things like guest expenses (air travel & hoteling), publications, technical expenses (lighting and sound) and other stuff that makes our event unique, much of which we need to pre-pay and is non-refundable to us. Refunding badges can make us fall short of our expectations and our contracts, causing considerable financial concerns.

Is my badge transferable?

On a case by case basis, a badge may be transferred through The Hellmouth to another individual for the same year it was purchased for.  Direct transfers not handled by the Registration Dept will not be accepted to prevent sales of forgeries. 

Please email RegistrationDept@The Hellmouth.com with the subject line “Badge Transfer”, with the name of the original purchaser and the name of the person to whom the ticket is being transferred. You will be contacted by someone in the registration department who will assist you.

​I want to volunteer, who do I contact?

Please visit the Wanna Volunteer? page, and after reading through the departments, click on the VOLUNTEER NOW button to fill out the application. A member of our Team Resources department will contact with you shortly. If you don’t hear from us in one week, please contact us at info@thehellmouth.org

What if I lose my badge?

Unfortunately, we can’t replace lost badges. If you lose yours at the convention, you will be asked to buy a replacement. If your lost badge does turn up later that same day, we can then issue a refund for the replacement badge.