Volunteer FAQ

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Our convention is a labor of love and hard work from a band of like-minded unpaid volunteers, known as “Team” when those hours of dedication exceed more than a casual at-con volunteer would invest.

We’re not like commercial conventions. Ours is 100% run by fan-based, unpaid volunteers whose passion and drive to make a great experience for the fan attendees and guests is their greatest reward. We’re always looking for more staff to join us in pre-con preparations and at-con volunteer work. 

In exchange for your help, we offer free/discounted badges and hoteling based on hours worked, as well as being able to be involved in many aspects of the “behind-the-scenes” work of the convention. You can help us make the convention experience great for all. 

If you’re ready to lend us a hand, please read the list of departments and then click on the VOLUNTEER NOW blue button below.  A member of our recruitment team will follow up with you. If you don’t know where you could fit, we’ll find something that plays to your strengths.

Buffy says I want you to volunteer.


Here is a list of departments, and what each one does.  To join in the fun of being on our Team, come fill out our team  application by clicking on the “Volunteer Now” button at the bottom of this page.

This list is frequently updated as different chapters look for people at different times throughout the year.  Check back throughout the year as other departments will be added.

Just click on the “Volunteer Now” button and let us know where you’d most like to help out. Not sure? We’ll help you find your spot!

Access Services

Access Services covers our attendees’ accessible needs at the convention. This includes people to man the Access table, be ASL Interpreters, and to help develop the dept. See here for more info https://www.thehellmouth.org/access-services

Marketing & Promotion

Promoting Outreach events and the Convention itself.

Charity Auction

Are you a charismatic individual able to motivate people into a bidding frenzy? Then we want you! Our auction is a fast-paced event where proceeds go towards the many charities we help each year. Need to have fantastic cataloguing and organizational skills.

Autograph Alley / Photo Studio

Help our attendees create lasting memories by being part of our Autographs and Photos team.  This group will help sell autograph and formal photo ops with guests, and well as help keeping people traffic through Autograph Alley /& Photo Studio. (Does not take photos around the event nor in the Photo Studios. Those are different departments.)

Candid Photographers / Videographers

Travel throughout the convention, taking photos and/or video clips for our social media team to use to promote the convention,and our special events.  Previous photo or video experience required.

Children’s Programming

More info coming soon…


Convention Operations (ConOps)

The safety and order arm of the convention creates and maintains safe spaces for all. Enforces the Code of Conduct, peace bonding of prop weapons and other cosplay items, help keep the lines orderly, direct traffic,  lost & found (including people).


More info coming soon…


More info coming soon…


Fan Experiences

The Fan Experience team works throughout the year and at the convention to provide once-in-a-lifetime, immersive, interactive events for attendees. Members of Fan Experiences must be creative, hard-working, and dedicated to making The Hellmouth Convention an unforgettable experience for all.

Gaming / Tabletop

Help out in the gaming room! Digital, board games, card games, etc. Teach new games, play the oldies, and bring along any games you might like to share, encourage the Team to loan theirs too.



Hospitality is the foodie arm of the convention. They help prep small food items for use by our Team and guests, and various other small catering needs around the convention.

Information Desk

Information Desk is the real-life Google of the con. They know where to hang out and eat, changes in the programming, and any other question that may arise.



Manages the detailed coordination of pack in / pack out of the venue.

Programming Operations

If you’ve ever noticed people that hang out with signs at the back of panel rooms telling panelists that they only have 5 minutes to go, passing out tent cards, and water, that’s one of many roles of Programming Operations. If you’re interested in making sure all the panels go off without a hitch, this is your department.

Programs & Panels

More info coming soon…


Onsite badge sales and pickup as well as special events, process refunds or replacement badges, and track pre-reg badge distribution. Tracks all sale promotions and badge categories.

Social Media

Maintain news blog, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube and other media outlets. If you’ve got a fun voice for social interaction, we’d love to have you!

Team Resources & Onsite Volunteers

Team Resources handles all the onboarding, registration, mediation and assignment of incoming crew and volunteers to their respective departments. They also double as the Onsite Volunteers team at con, which manages attendees that want to spare a few of their own hours to be fill-in volunteers in various departments. Interfaces with other departments to determine volunteer need, and fills the role as needed.

Tech / IT

Covers all audio-visual needs for panels including: lighting design and placement, manning cameras for remote feeds, editing sound, and more. Background in the broadcast industry, theater or sound engineering preferred.

Website Management

Implementation of design and content for the website, as well as integration and maintenance of forms and contact information.

Operations Support

Help with keeping the Ops office organized and tidy, take offsite run food orders, deliver snacks and water to Ops, Registration and Tech crew at stationary posts, among other upkeep duties. Without Ops Support, a lot of our team wouldn’t get their breaks or food throughout the day.


Press Relations

Bloggers, vlogger and press want to cover our event, and someone needs to make sure they’re worthy to do so. Press Relations interfaces with our invited Press and makes sure they have what they need to further carry our publicity.

Ready to Volunteer?

There’s just so much help you can do!!

If you have a great attitude and would like to donate your time and skills, we’d love for you to join our team! Just click on the “Volunteer Now” button and let us know where you’d most like to help out. Not sure? We’ll help you find your spot!